Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Are canelés the new macarons?
Photo from Canelés by Céline website

Canelés by Céline is a small shop specializing in canelés that recently opened on 82nd between 1st and York Avenues. Although the outer, crunchy caramelized layers of these sweet French treats, lined carefully in neat rows like gemstones, may appear to be the same, the soft custard on the inside of each is a surprise. They offer every flavor imaginably, from a sweet vanille to a tangy citron, in addition to savory flavors like basil pesto  and parmesan cheese. Will canelés be the new macarons, sweeping the city by storm and available in every combination of flavors? Canelés by Céline already sells a truffle canelés, and just recently Payard came out with white and black truffle macaron. If these little custard filled delights do gain the fan base of a Ladurée macaron, just remember- Zollare caught it first! 

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