Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sour cheesecake with kumquats and blood orange sorbet at The Mercer Kitchen in Soho. 
The Refined Sundae

When I think of a sundae the following image comes to mind: a sloppy 8-year old child at a diner digging into a messy bowl filled with bad ice cream, too many toppings, and drenched in a heavy Hersheys chocolate sauce. That is not my idea of an appetizing dessert. The perfect Sunday lies in Jean- Georges' kitchen at his restaurant in ABC Carpet & Home . Like all dishes at abc kitchen, this sundae is paired down to only the necessary components, which are executed to the point of culinary perfection.

Salted caramel ice cream topped with a spoonful of whipped cream atop caramelized popcorn and peanuts with a light chocolate sauce

Ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Enter the exhibit on French photographer Charles Marville on view at the Met and you step into a time machine. As an admirer of old Paris, I was enthralled by his late 19th century photographs of Paris during its remodeling under Haussman. His photographs capture the transition the city underwent and its newfound beauty which it is known for today. A must see.

A bouquet of dried lavender from the Green Market at Union Square. Put in a clear vase for display or put the dried buds in a sachet to keep on your pillow for sweeter dreams.

The David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, covered in black and white art of ballerinas by JR, was the perfect backdrop for a last winter outfit.

Coat: Italian cashmere
Black jeans
Shoes: Golden Goose

Clutch: Comptoir des Cotonniers

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whitney Biennial 2014 
Thinking of visiting the Whitney for a look at their biennial exhibit, the last in their building on Madison Avenue before they move downtown? Go, but go straight up to the third floor. This particular floor houses the most interesting pieces and installations. Like most modern art exhibitions, there are many confusing and bizarre pieces but there are also interesting and beautiful ones. 

Inspiring lamp at ABC Carpet & Home and olive oils from around the world customers can sample at their abcmkt downstairs. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lunch at French-Mexian restaurant Jolie Cantina in Brooklyn. Think spicy salads topped with poached eggs and fish tacos served with a side of frites. A reservation for brunch or a Friday or Saturday night dinner is a must. But we were lucky enough to find the restaurant empty during a weekday (you think this would be a sign of trouble but it was 4pm). Embrace the warm weather and sit at one of their colorful tables outside on the side street where there is less commotion. Also a perfect opportunity to show off your new spring blouses.

girl on left: shirt and pants: Comptoir des Cotonniers, sunglasses: J.Crew
girl on right: shirt: A.P.C, pants: J.Crew, sunglasses: Comptoir des Cotonniers 
While walking around in Brooklyn, I stumbled upon this cut French coffee and pastry shop called Bacchus. If you find yourself shopping in the boutiques on Atlantic Avenue stop into this patisserie for a morning croissant or afternoon mille-feuille. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Some colorful macarons from Payard in Soho make a delicious afternoon treat. Pistachio, passion fruit, and framboise were our choices. 
After spending over a year on the hunt for eyeglasses that were a little more chic than geek, I was pleased to find the perfect pair at Warby Parker. Although the store was crowded (as any place in Soho during a sunny weekend would be), someone was quickly able to assist me. Pictured here are two pairs of sunglasses I unexpectedly found- a summer staple for every Zollarite. The prices there are just another reason to stop by- almost every pair is $95. And the store boats a Photo Booth thats great for snapping some pics of you in your cool new shades!