Sunday, June 8, 2014

I highly recommend visiting the Kara Walker exhibit at the old Domino Sugar Factory ( While I would not call the exhibit beautiful, it is successful because of its wit, massive size, the artful curves of the sculpture, and the social remarks it makes. Incredibly large, it is a statue of a woman with emphasized feminine features who lies in a sphinx position. The entire statue is cleverly coated in 80 tons of sugar donated by Domino and it lies on a bed of white sugar. The sugar and large feminine body parts speak to African American woman working in the sugar cane fields. While we traditionally think of Sphinxes as ancient Egyptian half lion- half man sculptures, the Greek sphinx had the head of a woman. The exhibit also includes several smaller statues of young children covered with brown sugar who are carrying large baskets filled with more sugar. With its history, high windows, and location by the water, the building itself also contributes to the exhibit.

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