Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Loving Ladurée
How we ending up eating this delicious passion fruit raspberry tart... Yesterday as we were strolling through Soho we caught sight of the signature pastel green Ladurée sign billowing in the winter wind off the side of a building. Eager to take a peek at the new full scale restaurant we walked over to take a look. Waiters dressed in crisp whites standing ready beside the bar? A glass case filled with delicate, delectable French pastries? A woman sitting sipping to tea from a pink pastel "tasse"?! Could it be true? Had we stumbled upon this Ladurée mansion when it had opened two days early and was completely empty? Minutes later we were sitting in blue velvet tufted chairs ordering "une salade Bonaparte" and monkfish with caramelized fennel. We had hoped to be the first ones through the door, and we were. Make a reservation for dinner tonight before the lines stretch around the block. Vite vite Zollarites! And bon appétit!

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